Google Flights – Search and Book Flights Online

Google Flights is one of the most powerful online flight booking search engine which provides the purchase of airline tickets through third party suppliers. There’s no doubt that matrix is one of the most powerful tools out there for searching online booking flights. Here you can find the best flight deals, it helps you to compare and track online flight booking on hundreds of airlines to help you find the best flight deals. When you choose Google Flights to travel, you can get the best fares using the flight booking service for where and when you want to travel.

How To Book Google Flights Online

  • First go to the homepage or http://google–
  • Enter the details of source and destination details along with your preferred dates.
  • You can put in up to five airports in each box, separated by commas.
  • City codes like NYC or WAS count for 3 of 5 because NYC = JFK, LGA, EWR and WAS = DCA, IAD, BWI.
  • So that you better find the cheapest dates, click the first date box right below the FLYING FROM airport.
  • When you do that, prices for 2 months will pop up, with the cheapest dates in green, like so.


If you didn’t get any green dates in the next 2 months, then you can try clicking the arrows to scroll through other months where you can find the cheapest prices. Once you’ve looking for google flights of lowest prices, tap on the date you want for your departure, then you can click on the date when you want to return.

How To Search Google Flights online ?

  • First, you have to go for official site of Google flights:
  • Select the flight where you want to go, tap the “Book on Google” option.
  • Enter your personal details like name, gender, telephone number, birthdate, and email address then select continue.
  • Select the stored payment method or enter a new one, then select Continue.
  • Re-check your personal details and flight itinerary, making sure they’re correct.
  • If available, under Baggage, review the disclaimer. If you’d like to add baggage to your reservation, select Add bags.
  • Add the number and type of bags you’d like for each passenger, and click Done.
  • Select book to process your payment and complete your reservation.


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